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The Growing An Orange Contest - 9/23 Entries

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The Growing An Orange contest rolls on. So far 55 points is the score to beat. Let's see what today brings.

As a reminder, enter to be a part of the drawing for a second prize even if you can't top the win total. First place gets an autographed copy of How To Grow An Orange. Second prize, well, I've changed it. It's now a free copy of Orange Tip-Off 2010-2011.

Entrant: NoVaOrange

Little Orange: NoVaOrange's daughter


We've got a Syracuse jumper and a hat, good for two points.

I see a little Otto facepaint, which is also good for one point.

Speaking of, there's a plush Otto, which earns three points.

Bonus three points for the SU bear, whoever that is.

Bonus two points for the SU beer/bottle cozies.

And that looks like some kind of SU rug, which I'm going to award five points for.

Grand Total: 16 Points

Big weekend for the contest. If you're taking your Little Orange to the Dome for the Colgate game, you'll have plenty of opportunities to rack up points. Consult the point chart once more before you go. Contest runs through the 30th.