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Syracuse vs. Colgate: Bring On The Scalpings

Alright, you've got it by now. Syracuse and Colgate used to be a big deal. You're aware. But still, it's fun to remember just how insane people got over this game:

"My fraternity always wanted to go down to Colgate's chapter to take something from their house," Beyer said. "They always wanted our Saltine Warrior."

The week leading up to the game left no student safe. Groups from both schools would drive to the rival school and find an unsuspecting student to kidnap and scalp. Once returned to their respective school, they would have an "S" or a "C" on the back of their heads.

Syracuse students once tried to kidnap the entire Colgate band and take them to Thornden Park to scalp every member. The plan was unsuccessful, but it only showed the extremes these schools went to for the purpose of proving superiority over their rival.

I love the fact that students had to gather in a neutral location at one point to discuss "settlement" terms to quell the craziness. It sounds absurd and silly...and yet awesome. I'm jealous.

Folks at SU are still buzzing about Malcolm Cater. Doug Marrone told Cater he wanted a big hit and Malcolm is just happy he was finally able to come through on that promise:

"My coach (Doug Marrone) came to me about a week ago, and he said, ‘Malcolm you didn’t give me a big hit yet, I’m waiting for a big hit.’ I got him a big hit, so I was proud," said Cater, still grinning three days later over his defensive debut.

"I've been on him a little bit," the coach said Wednesday. "I asked him if he ever saw the VH1 show "One-Hit Wonders."

According to HCDM, Cater came over and thanked him for the chance to play defense last week. Perhaps he'll get a chance to thank him again this weekend.

Video of Syracuse players, Colgate coach Dick Biddle and others talking SU-Gate after the jump...


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