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Syracuse Football Stats, Rankings & Other Whatnot

We learned today that statistics can divide a family. But they can also unite us, by letting us see just how much better we are than everyone else. (Full statistics here).


Greg Paulus who? Ryan Nassib currently leads the Big East with eight touchdown passes. That's right, we're a healthy amount into the season and its the guy from Syracuse with more TD passes than anyone else. That doesn't also include his rushing TD .

Nassib also has the No. 2 conference passer rating at 148.3, trailing WVU's Geno Smith. He's No. 2 in passing yards (691), No. 3 in yards/attempt (7.7), No. 3 in completions (53) and tied for No. 2 in attempts (90).

And because you're wondering, Charley Loeb is currently 12th in the conference with 22 yards passing. He's QB rating is 128.3.


Orange fans have been not-so-patiently waiting for Delone Carter to break out already. With games of 91, 90 and 65 yards, he has yet to. Still, he's among the conference leaders and is on pace to just barely get to 1,000 yards for the 2nd-straight year.

Carter is currently fourth in the conference 247 rushing yards, third in attempts (59). Where Delone is lagging is in yards per attempt (4.2, 12th place). He also hasn't broken off a run longer than 18 yards so far.

Antwon Bailey is currently 16th in the Big East with 87 yards on 17 carries (5.1 per carry). SU fans continue to wonder if they'll see more of Bailey as the year progresses.


Van Chew has emerged as the star of the Syracuse receiving corp so far. He's currently second in the conference with 275 yards and yards per catch (17.2).  His 16 receptions are good for a fourth-place tie with three other receivers.

When it comes to scoring, Alec Lemon has overtaken his Chewy counterpart. Lemon is currently tied for first in TD receptions (3) with Cincy's D.J. Woods. Chew is right behind with 2 TDs. Lemon is currently tenth in the conference with 141 receiving yards.

Injured WR Aaron Weaver will see his name slide down the charts from here on out, but he can take comfort in knowing he was in the top twenty before his injury. His season ended with six catches for 88 yards and a TD.

The SU tight ends are beginning to make themselves known on the field. And on the stat sheet. Nick Provo's big day catapulted him to 11th in the Big East with 137 receiving yards, which leads all tight ends. Meanwhile Jose Cruz might only 23 yards, but he's got a touchdown.

And since we're on the topic of receptions, it's worth noting Antwon Bailey has six catches for 41 yards.


Chandler Jones leads the Orange with two sacks on the year (T-4th), though his sacks for loss yardage (-30) is the most of anyone in the Big East. Doug Hogue, Mike Holmes, Brandon Sharpe and Malcolm Cater all have one sack, while Anthony Perkins and Marquis Spruill each have a half a sack.

No Derrell Smith on the sacks but he's certainly loading up on tackles. Derrell is 2nd in the Big East with 28 tackles, 18 unassisted. Philip Thomas is 2nd on the team with 22 tackles, followed by Max Suter (14), Chandler Jones (13) and a whole bunch of folks at 12, including #Shamarko.

SU doesn't have any interceptions yet this season. We're working on it.


Rob Long is currently No. 2 in the conference with 704 punting yards and total punts (16). That's right, someone is punting more than Syracuse for a change (Hi, Cincinnati). Long's long is 70 yards so far, a yard shy of the top one. And of course, his average net punt length is 44.0, good for third in the league.

Ross Krautman has stamped the starting job with his Das Boot and it's paying off. He's fourth in the conference with four field goals while his nine extra points are good for a second-place tie. With 21 total points scored, he's the fifth-highest scorer in the conference, third-highest kicker.

Kick Returns

Prince-Tyson Gulley might be a freshman but he's putting up the numbers already. He's No. 2 in the conference in kick return yards (176) and No. 3 in yards per return (25.1).

For all the guff we give Mike Holmes over his punt return prowess, he's far and away the top Big East PR in terms of yardage (124, next closest 73). His 13 attempts are second in the league and his yards per punt (9.5) is third-best.