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Syracuse Announcements! Get Your Syracuse Announcements!

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There are two kinds of TNIAAM readers. Those who are new students at Syracuse University interested in supporting its athletic teams and those who are Syracuse soccer enthusiasts living in the Greater Chicago area. You're one or the other, my market research proves it. So, I'm sure one of these two events will be of interest to you...

First up...are you a new student at Syracuse? For that matter are you an old student at Syracuse? Do you like Syracuse sports? Do you bow at the alters of Doug Marrone, John Desko, Quentin Hillsman, Gary Gait and Jim Boeheim?

Then join Otto's Army tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm ET in Maxwell Auditorium for an informational meeting.  Find out how to get involved, how to properly wear orange and how to become a part of the best student section in the country. Look for Dan and maybe he'll put a Twitpic of you up.  Dreams coming true all over the place.


As for the rest of you, obviously you live in Chicago. And so, you will have no problem attending this event.

Windy City Orange, the Chicago SU Alumni club, is organizing a big get-together when the Syracuse women's soccer team comes to town on Sunday, October 3rd at 1pm CT to face DePaul. Apparently its a small stadium and DePaul doesn't draw a lot of fans so a good-sized SU crowd could just about own the place.

Tickets are free. You can find out more about the event here (where they have 40 RSVPs already!). To attend, make sure you RSVP as well via the Facebook page or directly to Mike Alper (


One way or another, you're going to root for Syracuse. Be it in Chicago or the Salt City.  Get it done, people.