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Syracuse Football & The Quest For Beef: Week 3


A little late but better than never, let's get things going with The Quest For Beef.

Seven wins get us Beef. So far we have two. Knock on wood, next week we'll have three. With each win the dream of playing a middle-of-the-road Conference USA team for the right to be called The Beefiest team in America. Speaking of...

Current Opponent Projection (CUSA #5): Southern Miss. The Eagles are coming a semi-impressive win over Turner Gill's Kansas team. They might actually present a decent test if things pan I'm sure they will.

Schedule Outlook: Two wins down, five to go. I feel like we can look to Colgate & Louisville as good bets. After that, everything's on the table. Rutgers, Cincy, USF and UConn all look beatable. Pitt and West Virginia have flaws and the Orange are due against both.

And so, I put the Orange's current chances for December Beef at...