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Sorry Charley, Looks Like Ryan Nassib Is Legit

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I'm working under the assumption that Jonny Miller is being redshirted.

I know we need three QBs for depth's sake but I kinda wish we could redshirt John Kinder as well.

As for Charley Loeb, I'm not worried about him. He's destined to be a captain of industry no matter he ends up doing. Such is life for the ridiculously good-looking.

I say all this because I'm thinking the same thing you're thinking...Ryan Nassib might be The Guy for a very long time.

It's something that Syracuse fans have forgotten that they have spent the last decade searching for. The heir to Donovan McNabb's Throne.

Since McNabb, we've had a revolving door of QBs, none of whom have even come close to sniffing Donny's jockstrap. It's a pretty high bar to try and reach, to be fair. But in the ten seasons since McNabb took his talents to the NFL, the Orange have lacked stability and success at the most important position on the field.

And so, we turn to you Ryan Nassib. He who threw five touchdowns, a Syracuse school record, against Maine this weekend. Yes, it was Maine...I think we're all in agreement on the level of opponent.  But still, you gotta actually do the work to throw that many scores and Nassib proved himself capable. Could you ever see Greg Paulus throwing for five touchdowns in a game? Probably not.

So it's more than slightly ironic that it was on Yom Kippur that Nassib had his big game. It was the best single-game performance by a Syracuse QB since Yom Kippur 2007.

Back then it was Andrew Robinson, who had just put together a 423 yard, 4 TD performance in Syracuse's 38-35 upset over ranked Louisville.Robinson earned the highest honor attainable for a Syracuse athlete on that day...I briefly renamed the site after him.

At the time the win signaled that Syracuse was not dead in the water. Moreso, it signaled the rise of Andrew Robinson. With a two seasons ahead of him, this sophomore was about to rewrite record books. He was going to take his rightful place on Donovan's Throne and make it into his own.

Two years later Andrew Robinson was a special teams tackler and fourteenth-string tight end.

This isn't to say that Ryan Nassib will end up the same way. By all accounts he's got the gifts, the brains and  his head coach's faith. But there was a time when we thought the same thing about Robinson.

The Ryan Nassib Era has kicked off pretty great. A 2-1 record, about to make it 3-1. He's already shattering SU records and has two years ahead of him to shatter a ton more. Syracuse fans are excited about the possibilities. We're all just hoping he follows through.

Except Charley Loeb. There's probably a ridiculously good-looking part of him that doesn't. But that's understandable.