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TNIAAM On Your Radio Dial

Not me, believe it or not. via <a href=""></a>
Not me, believe it or not. via

I'm not quite sure how sitting here all day photoshopping together photos of Doug Marrone and Lost while referring to our backup QB as "Ridiculously Good-Looking Charley Loeb" qualifies me to talk in an expert capacity about SU football on the radio. 

And we are.

I stopped by On The Block today to talk shop with Brent Axe.  You can listen to the chat here, topics include Akron predictions, whether or not a bowl is possible for SU and how angry Glaude will be when he hears the way Brent describes TNIAAM.

Friday, I'll be on Matt Mc's Sport Fix's Syracuse Football Extravaganza (my name for it, not his). I'll be talking SU football and so will Orange44's Brian Harrison and Three Idiot on Sport's Andrew.  It's a perfect storm of Syracuse blogging expertise, which is to say...there will be fart jokes.  Oh yes, there will be fart jokes. Listen live on 1410AM in Watertown or catch the podcast on the site.

On Saturday, I'm swinging by Z89 to chat with The Saturday Morning Quarterbacks at 11:30 AM.  It's going to be an ongoing appearance during the season so if I'm horrible, don't give up on me.  I've got 14 weeks to nail this whole "talking out loud" thing down.  You can listen live at 89.1 FM in Syracuse.

Finally on Sunday I'll be back on Z89 at 11:15am to talk to chat with Paul Gallant and Zach Waldman on the Call It A Wrap program.  God willing, we'll be talking about Syracuse's decimation of Akron the day before.  Listen live at 89.1 FM in the Syracuse area.

And that's it. I promise to stay off your radio dial for at least four days.  I swear.