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With Syracuse Football, Seeing Is Believing

Syracuse 23, Akron 13

Syracuse 28, Akron 20

Syracuse 27, Akron 14

Do these seem right to you?   I know, I know, we're biased beyond reasonable doubt.  But still...after everything we've heard all off-season, why does everyone think Syracuse is just going to squeak by Akron? 

They've seen that Akron is picked to finish last in the MAC, right?  And they've seen that, although SU isn't picked to do much better in the Big East, everyone is in agreement that this is a much better team than the one that lost to Akron.  Even better than the one that beat Akron 28-14 last year.

I mean, everyone is aware that our defense, which was decent last year, is almost entirely back and improved, yes?

Defensively, Syracuse looks even better, and deeper, than the group that ranked 13th in the nation (101.83) in defense against the run in 2009. The unit returns nine of 11 starters from a year ago.

Couple that with the fact that Akron doesn't have a strong running attack and has no air attack to speak of...what ar they going to do? 

I suppose the theory is that the SU offense will still be working out the kinks and Delone Carter will still be rusty. But he won't.  We know that.  He was barely rusty when he came to camp in the first place. And Akron is no-good against the run...and this is Delone's hometown.  He's going to go nuts.

I'm not saying everyone should expect us to beat Akron 45-0.  But I feel like we're somewhere in between and everyone else is too lazy to see it.

Guess we'll know for sure Saturday.