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Syracuse Basketball's 2010-2011 Schedule...Done

FINALLY, the 2010-2011 schedule has been finalized. Weird that the Big East would release it on a Friday night. That's usually for stories that people don't want getting noticed.  What's to hide, Big East? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

The good news? It doesn't look terribly Gauntlet-y. We kick things off fairly easy with Providence on December 28th and Notre Dame on January 1st. Then it's a four-game road swing to Seton Hall (1/8), St. John's (1/12), Cincy (1/15) and finally Pitt (1/17).

Saturday, January 22nd the Villanova Wildcats return to the scene of the crime. Followed by a return visit by Seton Hall (1/25) and then a trip to Marquette (1/29) to close out the month.

February kicks off with a visit to Storrs to take on UConn (2/2) and then a trip down south to USF (2/5). Back to the Dome to host those dirty Hoyas on Wednesday, February 9th. That kicks off a rather intense mini-gauntlet, followed by Louisville on 2/12 and West Virginia on 2/14. February 19th is a breather with Rutgers and then it's right back into the muck.  Return trips to Villanova (2/21) and Georgetown (2/26) close out the tough month.

The final game of the Big East slate is the only game in March. That's DePaul, who comes to the Dome March 5th.

At first glance, February looks like a toughie as usual.  The Orange need to fatten up in January to take whatever hits they'll get afterward.

Also looks like Morgan State has been added to the OOC schedule. So there's that as well.