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Boozing It Up At The Dome Just Got A Whole Lot Classier

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You couldn't buy beer inside Husky Stadium. Call me naive but I was not expecting that at all. I guess I've just been spoiled by the Dome and it's free-love mentality. Well the Dome has gone ahead and made it even easier to slur your Syracuse cheers. They'll be serving wine at select concession stands around the stadium.

What vintage are they serving, you ask? STOP ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS. Just guzzle, you wino.

That's one of many new and exciting features those of you attending the game will see tomorrow.

The Dome has gone ahead and updated its in-stadium monitors so you'll know what the score is and what's happening from anywhere inside. Even if you're jammed in a supply closet making out with the girl sitting in front of you that you "accidentally" spilled your wine on so you could start chatting with'll still be able to see Maine's latest trick play touchdown.

One of the more dangerous additions to the Dome services is the ability to text management about anything, anytime, anywhere.

"One of many that we have going on will be the ability for fans to text issues that they may have with the Dome right their seats; get their stats right at their seats through mobile technology; and then, around the stadium, we have a lot of new opportunities for fans to enjoy the amenities at the games."

I'm sure that service will not be abused at all.  Not by anyone. Certainly not the wine drinkers.

One ground rule I'd like to point out. If you text the Dome to complain about how the Syracuse fans in front of you are standing and cheering the entire time, you are automatically kicked out of the Dome and must immediately reimburse the stadium for all food and wine that you've consumed on the premises.

Besides, if that's a problem for you, go sit in the Tops Family Corner for a safe, secure, wine-free experience.