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Syracuse Daily Links - The Maine Event

Week 3 College Football Buffet: Previewing Every Game So You Know Which To Consume -
Herein Sean Keeley previews every single game being played this week, and tells you which ones are worth watching, and which aren't, along the way. Plus, TV information! Now, belly on up to the table.

The Cuse Connection: Syracuse v. Maine: 30th Anniversary of the Carrier Dome
Last year, the Black Bears came into the dome with a ton of trick plays and goofy stunts. Yes, there was fake punts. Yes, there was onside kicks. Yes, there was a ton of tom foolery. Infact, maine successfully pulled off TWO! fake punts..... AND two! count em TWO! onside kicks!! Will that happen again this year? I'm unsure, but hopefully syracuse won't get fooled again. Bob Casullo, we're looking at you!!

Orange::44: Maine Quick Predictions
This is going to be a huge Syracuse victory. The Orange should cruse to an FCS win, unlike VTech, 34 to ten.

Verizon reaches deal to get more SU sports on FiOS TV |
SU football and men's basketball games that are carried on Time Warner Cable Sports will now be made available to Verizon to provide to its central New York FiOS TV customers. In addition, Syracuse football and men's basketball games that air on Time Warner Cable SportsNet Buffalo will be available to FiOS TV subscribers in western New York. The games will be available on Channel 1 for FiOS TV customers.

Winter in October? A Hall of Fame coach plays hometown defense |
"That’s crazy," Boeheim said. "None of that is true. It sounds like (what other coaches say) when they’re trying to recruit against us."

Whatever happened to the all-time leading rushers?
7. Max Suter, Greensburg Central Catholic - Suter (pictured to the left) currently plays at Syracuse and is a senior strong safety and kick returner for the Orange. After two games this season, Suter is tied for second on the team in tackles with 10.

D.A.’s Karmic Dash to the Dome : Orange Fizz – Syracuse Recruiting, Sports Rumors, Podcasts, Student Life
I haven’t attended a Syracuse football win in at least 11 years. And I’ll be on hand tomorrow for the opener against Maine. Hide the women, children, nattily-attired athletic directors and Dome Gnomes. We may see an upset if my karma seeps into the building.

Macky MacPherson grew up in orange and blue with his grandfather Hall of Fame SU coach Dick MacPherson by his side. So its no surprise that he ended up at Syracuse. CitrusTV's Scott Grodsky on Macky's journey.