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Thank God It's Monday (Is What You'll Be Saying Come Basketball Season)

The Big East and ESPN announce the Big Monday schedule today.  Naturally, the Orange appear thrice on it. Though, two of the three games are on the road. Apparently ESPN took one look at the Villanova game last year, saw the crowd, heard the noise, watched the fans and said to themselves, "We need to not televise this very often." Alrighty.

The first appearance is January 17th, 7:30pm at Pitt, followed by West Virginia's visit on February February 14th at 7pm and finally the Orange head to Villanova on February 21st at 7pm.

The Ptit game scares the crap out of me because Syracuse vs. Pitt in Pittsburgh never ends well.  The West Virginia game will be WVU's first game in the Dome since cutting down its nets to advance to the Final Four. As for the Villanova game, well I'm sure they remember what happened last time, so...

Check out the full schedule here and then get on he horn with ESPN to complain about how Seton Hall-Rutgers is ONCE AGAIN left out of the mix. How Pat Forde doesn't quit in protest, I'll never know.