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Syracuse's Aaron Weaver Done For Year With Torn ACL

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This morning, Matt Park went on the radio in Syracuse and said Orange fans weren't going to like the injury news they'd be hearing today. Rumors started to swirl that WR Aaron Weaver, who had missed practice for undisclosed reasons, was the recipient of an especially-nasty injury. And unfortunately, the rumors turned out to be true.  The Hofstra transfer will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL.

Weaver, a transfer from Hofstra who quickly worked his way into the lineup as a possession receiver, was injured late in practice on Tuesday. He was hurt when he planted his leg while running a pass route. There was no contact involved, said head coach Doug Marrone.

Weaver is listed at Syracuse's No. 3 receiver, a offered a big target down the middle for Nassib. He'd proven himself a valuable asset in just two games, scoring the first touchdown of the season for SU against Akron.

So that sucks for all parties involved.  And seriously, Jesus, LEAVE OUR ACLS ALONE ALREADY.

And now...the dreaded question emerges..who will replace him? It might not be much of a coincidence that earlier today Nolan penned an article on Marcus "Hey Remember Me?" Sales, who is still fighting for a spot in the line-up. In it, Sales says he still hasn't given up.  As for HCDM, he's still not convinced he knows who wants the job the most:

"I'm a firm believer in, how you practice is how you play. I don't just preach that, my tactics are that way," Marrone said Wednesday. "We're looking for this fourth receiver. Who's it going to come from? Is it going to come from Marcus? Is it going to come from Cody (Morgan)? Dorian Graham?"

Unfortunately for Doug, he might not have a choice to wait around and find out.