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The Name Of The Game For Syracuse Football Is Depth

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As in, we don't have much of it.

As in, we need some more right now.

Syracuse has two weeks of "easy" games ahead and there will be no better time this year for the Orange to work out their kinks and hone the abilities of the freshman and back-ups.  If SU wants to make a move in the mediocre Big East, it's still going to need depth and production from non-starters in order to keep pace.

Marquis Spruill is one of the freshman that's already making a big impact.  Take it from him, it's not easy for a young player:

"What I thought would be there in the game, it wasn’t, because the players move so fast," Spruill said. "I just have to train my mind to know they move faster than we do in practice."

Marrone says he will begin inserting new players into the line-up, though it's more about getting experience than about punishing the starters.  Of course SU needs to focus on actually winning these games, but a chance to get some of the highly-touted newbies some PT will be great for the program, this season and moving forward.

Dave Rahme breaks down who he thinks might get increased time on the field, including players like WR Adrian Fleming, TE Beckett Wales, OL Macky MacPherson, LB Malcolm Cater and DB Keon Lyn.  And then there's DL Jason Bromley, as Rahme notes "the staff thinks he has star potential." I like the sound of that.

Youth Being Served for SU Football