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For Delone Carter, It's Now 3rd Down In Court

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At the beginning of August, Delone Carter was set to walk into a courtroom and finally sort out the details of SnowBallGate 2010 once and for all.  And then the proceedings were postponed.

That court appearance was scheduled for yesterday afternoon...and again it was postponed.  So what gives?

The court case, pending before City Judge Langston McKinney, has been postponed several times. Both Zimmer and Chief Assistant District Attorney Joseph Coolican have declined to comment on the reasons for the adjournments or what progress is being made toward resolving the case.

Well that's not helpful. We must turn to the only people we can turn to in times like these.  Syracuse's resident lawdogs, Orange44's Brian Harrison and John Brennan.  Brennan has some thoughts on why this case is being so drawn out.

Honestly, I'm a little perplexed by the inactivity and the lack of news at this point. On the defense side, Delone may have instructed his lawyer (or his lawyer could have come up with this strategy) to not publicly comment on the case until its conclusion. After all, Delone is sitting pretty good right now: he's free pending ultimate resolution to the case; he was readmitted to Syracuse University; he was welcomed back to the football team and has started both games thus far. Why draw attention to a legal matter at this point? The longer this case languishes, the better of Delone is. Certainly much better than a trial next week, which could result in a conviction, which could send him to jail. So, if I'm Delone I'm in no hurry to move this case forward.

John also caught some seemingly-important details...

  • Delone has a new lawyer.  Originally it was George Raus but now it's Kimberly Zimmer.
  • Chief Assistant District Attorney Joseph Coolican was the prosecutor today.  It's highly unusual to have a big time ADA handling a misdemeanor charge. 

And so, we wait.  The good news is, Delone is active, he is playing and he seems to be improving every week. SU is happy with the deal it put together for Carter so don't expect any further issues from them.