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For Maine, Syracuse Breaking Out The Big Meatballs

We might three weeks into the college football season but for Syracuse, the home schedule is just beginning.  The home schedule begins this Saturday when the Orange host FCS Maine.  And if that's not exciting enough for you...I've got a meaty surprise for you.

Fans are invited to begin their Syracuse football game day experience on the University Quad beginning at 6:00 p.m. where 2010 Professional Football Hall of Fame inductee Floyd Little will sign autographs. The Orange All-American will also be honored during a halftime ceremony. The Quad is the place to be prior to every Orange home game. Activities on the Quad for the home opener also include performances by the band Meatballs, a band that provides quality interactive entertainment for children, the SU Marching Band, Syracuse cheerleaders, including Otto the Orange, and dance team.

First of all, I'm fairly certain Floyd Little is just showing up at Syracuse games now whether anyone asks him to or not.  Not that we mind...

Second of all, I know we beat this one into the ground years ago but, WHERE THE HELL IS MINI-KISS???

Third of all, please tell me the band Meatballs is a tribute band that only plays music from the movie Meatballs.  Because that's an idea that has yet to reach it's full potential (Come to think of it, why isn't Sour Sitrus on this for a halftime show?)

Sadly, no.  The Meatballs are less concerned with coming-of-age summer camp movies than they are with "keeping the fun in funtastic," which, seems to negate the concept of the "keeping the BLANK in BLANK" premise.

Wherever you find kids, you'll find the Meatballs.

See now that's what I was afraid of.  Still, you expect a lot of good times from the band behind such feel-good hits as "Clap Your Hands" and "I Wanna Be A Dog." (Who doesn't?) But hey, don't take my word for it.  Listen to what the Cicero Library has to say:

"Lively, crowd pleasing music. Just right for our young patrons!"

Those young patrons among you who will be part of the crowd for the Maine game, consider your asses pleased.