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Doug Marrone Monday Presser: The Nice Job

Another game, another Wordle cloud after Doug Marrone's Monday press conference:


Players. Team. Game. Play.  It's that simple when you boil it down.

Of course, let's get to the most important words of all...

NICE (5)

During the course of the game we did a nice job coming out early...

After that special teams did a nice job

We’re still looking for Cody Morgan, Marcus Sales, and Dorian Graham, who did a very nice job on special teams, to see what their roles will be...

Defensively we had some missed tackles. They did a nice job...

The players did a nice job.



The Dome is a tremendous advantage for our football team to play at home.

No standpoints and one tremendous.  That game really did through HCDM for a loop.  Then again, if you still needed proof that this is the year of the "nice," there it is.