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Syracuse Basketball On Autopilot Is Still Better Than Your Basketball Program

Jim Boeheim is currently helping coach Team USA in...wherever the hell they are.  In the meantime, the team he's in charge of is in the midst of their Fall conditioning and, well, it's doing just fine without him.

"This program runs itself," Syracuse assistant Rob Murphy said.

Murphy and longtime assistant coach Bernie Fine said they haven't heard from Boeheim and didn't need to while working out the Orange and getting the heralded freshman class adjusted to school.

Now I wouldn't say Boeheim is turning into a Joe Paterno/Bobby Bowden type.  Far from it.  It's just that he's got so many capable people working in his stead, he can be a little lax on the e-mail updates.

Rob Murphy has nothing but great things to say about the players as they get in game shape. 

According to Murph, Kris Joseph is "a lottery pick" who will "have a decision to make" when the season is over.  Such is NCAA basketball these days.

Very good news about Fab Melo:

"He has great footwork, hands, and he is better going against players with size," Murphy said. "He'll be really good in the middle of our zone."

Last year, Scoop Jardine came into the season slimmer and in much better shape that the year prior.  This year it's Rick Jackson's turn to cut down on the cheesesteaks.  RickJack has lost 20 pounds to slim down to a svelte 262. 

Meanwhile, as the SU basketball players are grinding, nice to see Mike Hopkins having a grand old time...