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Syracuse Daily Links - Reality Check For Cuse Nation

Syracuse University football team's plan fell apart due to lack of execution |
Penalties. Blown tackles. Dropped passes. Missed opportunities. All added to the Orange’s West Coast misery and allowed the game to get out of hand. The bottom line, though, was Syracuse went for it and came up a short. It failed to match its aggression with execution. But it went for it. Marrone believes that attitude will pay dividends down the road.

Three Idiots on Sports: Reality Check: Syracuse Washington Observations
I don't want to kill these guys, they are all out there busting their asses, but Da'mon Merkerson was awful. I can live with getting beat in coverage, that happens to everyone, but in the second half Washington ran right at him, and he got run over or blown out of the play time and time again.

Orange::44: Monday Morning Quarterback 9/13/10
While watching the South Florida vs. Florida game earlier on Saturday, I tweeted something along the lines of "They are who we thought they were" concerning Florida. After a slow start, they showed USF they were the better team. The Washington Huskies did pretty much the same thing to Syracuse, giving up a 10-0 lead early and then pouring it on to beat the Orange 41-20.

Purple haze | NewsHouse
"They did a lot of good things on offense," senior linebacker Derrell Smith said. "I give credit to their offense, and their quarterback, he was a good quarterback. We’ll learn from the mistakes in this game and move onto the next one."

The Daily Orange - John: Despite loss, now is not time for Syracuse to panic
SU has three weeks to correct itself and right the ship before it starts what is expected to be the toughest four-game stretch of its season. Three weeks to fix the glitches in practice and to put a hurt on Maine and Colgate. By that time, barring a complete and utter disaster, the Orange should be 3-1. It should have that "swag" back. It should be off to its best start since 2003.

Saturday Shows Just How Far Syracuse Is From Marrone’s Goals | Otto's Army
Saturday wasn’t fun for anyone who supports Syracuse football. It was a measuring stick for just how far this team had come since the dismissal of Greg Robinson and the hiring of Doug Marrone. An opportunity for the Orange to go out and prove things were truly different – no more offensive incompetence, non-existent defense, coaching ineptitude and, most importantly, blowout losses. Sadly, all four of those issues, which seemed like weekly staples under the Robinson regime, reared their ugly heads at points Saturday.

How the West Coast Treated Orange Nation : Orange Fizz – Syracuse Recruiting, Sports Rumors, Podcasts, Student Life
The fans at the stadium were passive, they didn’t heckle any Syracuse fans (the worst response we got to an SU shirt was "Go Huskies") and showed up rather late to the game. Give them credit for a good college football atmosphere: 65,000+ fans, an awesome setting, and plenty of hot UW co-eds. Not the Carrier Dome’s finest qualities.

What we learned in the Big East: Week 2 - Big East Blog - ESPN
Syracuse hasn't turned the corner: Orange optimism ran high after a 29-3 opening win at Akron. Syracuse then raced to a 10-point lead at Washington. But before you could say "Pinstripe Bowl," Jake Locker and the Huskies sliced through the Orange defense for an eventual 41-20 win. Doug Marrone's team still needs to make a lot of improvements to start thinking about postseason play.

Syracuse vs. Washington Football: Marrone's Monday Press Conference