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Syracuse Fans In Seattle: Pre-Game Plan Of Attack

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Had a great time with about 25-30 SU fans last night at The Red Door, including Rob Long's parents who are a delight (and are well aware that their son has two blogs named after him).  However, the big question on everyone's mind was "where are we pre-gaming?"

We came up with a solution, so if you're in the area today, here's the plan.

The official SU tailgate is taking place at The Zone, which a tailgate area on the East Practice Field, asjacent to Husky Stadium.  It's accessible from the south side of the stadium. 

Those of us who don't have tickets to this, which was most of us, are going to meet right outside it at 1pm. From there, we're going to see if we can finagle our way into The Zone. Show a little leg, perhaps.  Whatever gets it done.

If that doesn't work, we will do our best to find some Cuse fans in need of company.  Some folks are bringing accouterments with them so we should be in decent shape regardless.  Worst case, we'll book it to the nearest bar, which is sure to filled with Husky fans so hopped on caffeine they won't even notice us.

If you're in town for the game, hope to see you at the stadium.  Easiest way to find me is look for the guy wearing the orange Gregapolooza shirt.  Can't be too many of us.