Man vs. Food: Syracuse

This was a pretty run-of-the-mill episode... not terrible, not great.  I thought they did the Dinosaur justice (though I wish they'd have mentioned the Today show thing that ranked it #1), and Heid's with Jim Boeheim was, of course, fantastic even knowing it was coming.  I've never been to Mother's Cupboard so I don't want to comment on that... what'd the Nuneseratti think?

Minor Gripes:

  • Have you SEEN Onondaga Lake, Adam? Not exactly pristine, and calling Syracuse a "lakefront" town is generous as I think most Syracusans prefer to pretend Onondaga Lake doesn't exist and only acknowledge it by rolling up their windows and going to Lights on the Lake.
  • Also, it's not a Finger Lake and it's not pronounced OWN-ondaga.
  • What was the lacrosse thing all about, besides being a blatant filler and shameless plug for SU?  (In the next episode it showed a picture of him playing lacrosse as a kid but they made no reference to that in the Syracuse show)
  • Would have loved to have seen a trip to the Hill—where would he have gone? I'd vote Acropolis, I guess.