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Syracuse Football: Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know

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KA-BOOM! and the Post-Standard went nuts.  No time to waste, let's take a look.

2010 Syracuse Orange Football Preview: 'We've got to get to a bowl'

A good jumping off point for all of the articles, plus you find out Syracuse Football's season officially has a cereal theme.

Bowl or Bust: Marrone knows he has to win now or he'll be on the hot seat...Dave Rahme

I don't know if I fully agree with the statement in the title, but there is truth to the idea that Syracuse fans expect major improvement this year.  Four wins will no longer cut it.  And despite what the "experts" are saying, we expect to see at least five, if not six or seven wins, this season.

Position-by-position analysis for offense...Dave Rahme

Dave is high on the RBs...and not much else.  So-so grades for the QBs, WRs and OL.

Orange offense will play to strength with ground game...Dave Rahme

"Inside traps. Counters. Off-tackle blasts. Quick pitches. Option. You name it, the Orange has it in its arsenal.

"Position-by-position analysis for defense...Dave Rahme

Dave isn't exactly doing cartwheels over the defense either.  7/10 for the LBs but middling scores for the DL and DBs.

Defense will look to improve upon solid numbers in 2009....Nolan Weidner

"Shafer said his defense is simple — it’s designed to turn the tables on opposing offenses by attacking, resetting the line of scrimmage, then either stuffing the run, sacking the quarterback or forcing him to throw the football before he’s ready.

Mix of old, new for Syracuse's special teams...Nolan Weidner

If there's one area that Syracuse fans are keenly aware of needed-improvement from last season, it's Special Teams.  Bob Casullo's on the case...we hope.

Our predictions for the 2010 Syracuse University football

Dave & Nolan are bullish at 7-5, Bud goes low at 5-7.  I'm gonna go with the two guys who have been at every practice on this one. (All three think SU beats USF, for what it's worth)

Orange will be tougher, but will it be better?...Dave Rahme

"We’ve got to get to a bowl," Marrone said. "Once we pass that hurdle I think great things could happen. Because the way the program is being built, it’s being built for the long term, not the short term."

Winning formula for Syracuse football must include blocking and tackling, sure . . . but more fans, too...Bud Poliquin

There are three certainties in life.  Death, taxes and Bud Poliquin writing a "buy more tickets to Syracuse football games, you heathens" article right before the season.


There's some other folks out there previewing the Orange as well...

Spruill intentions: Unnoticed as recruit, freshman earns spot as starting linebacker...Brett LoGiurato, D.O.

"I remember watching him on the film," Conley said. "… Coach Shafer and I watched his film, and we said this guy had a lot of potential. Coach Marrone said, ‘What do you think he can get better (at)?’ I created a list of things that I thought I could get him better at. We do that with every recruit. He’s got some very good potential. He’s an explosive guy. He can run. He’s got a good change of direction. He’s a smart football player."

For overall improvement, SU's offensive line performance pivotal...Brett LoGiurato, D.O.

For Syracuse to improve its total offense from a poor 94th showing overall last season — and to improve its chances at a bowl for the first time since 2004 — Rosner, center Ryan Bartholomew and even head coach Doug Marrone know where it has to start: the offensive line. Running game, passing game, or on special teams, it all begins in the same place.

Marrone has Syracuse on the rise...Lenn Robbins, NY Post

"He told us, 'This is your home. You should have pride in your home,' " Syracuse lineman Doug Hogue of Yonkers told The Post. " 'If you see a piece of paper, pick it up and throw it out.'

"To be honest, I didn't think it was that big of a deal at the time," Hogue continued. "But if you let the little things go, then you start to let the big things go. Great teams don't let the little things go."

SU Football - The Season Begins