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Who's Got Two Thumbs And Is Sorry...This Guy

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So...I screwed up.

In my post yesterday about how and where Syracuse fans will watch the Akron game, I posted a username and password that many of us know well for ESPN3's website.  Shortly thereafter, apparently, that username and password were nullified. Someone over there saw it and dropped the hammer of Thor.


In retrospect, I probably should have at least put it below the fold, if not hidden it even further.  My thinking was, "well, that username/password combo has been passed around Twitter, Facebook and so many other websites so often, what harm can me posting it one more time do?"  Sometimes I forget that there's actually people looking at this site besides 12 guys in Cicero (who are great guys, FYI).

So to those who wrote to "voice their concerns," I apologize.  I didn't mean to ruin anybody's weekend or ongoing schedule.  I was trying to help everyone out since there were so many people who didn't seem to know how to watch the game.

(That said, if you're going to bitch me out for screwing up your free login, please don't include your email signature that says you work at a lawfirm or for some kind of financial company.  My sympathy for you is diminished by the fact that your weekend is not "ruined" but inconvenienced)

I guess I'll be the scourge of the Syracuse message boards for a while.  So be it.  It was bound to happen eventually, anyway. 

Here's the good news.  Some people have already let me know they have other logins and they're willing to share.  I've learned my lesson not to post them but reach out to your friends and fellow Cuse fans discreetly and see what you can find out.  I bet you'll have a new code in no time.

-Jerky McWeekendRuiner