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Daily Links - The Melo Cometh College Basketball - Syracuse ready for arrival of big man Melo
"If there's a raw area with him, it'd be with his basketball conditioning," Meyer said. "His weight and conditioning have fluctuated. When he's in shape, obviously he's very good. When he's not in shape, he's not quite as good. He doesn't have overwhelming athleticism or quickness, but as long as he's in good shape, he's quick enough."

Big East House of Pain: Your thoughts - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
The 1987 Pat Dye-Tie ... It prevented Syracuse from having an undefeated season at 11-0 and left them with a 10-0-1 record. Of course this was pre-BCS and pre-Alliance Bowl, so basically there still was no guarantee they would have gotten a national title, but maybe it would have prevented the Greg Robinson Error at Syracuse from starting.

Ask The Army: Who Is Syracuse’s Biggest Football Rivalry? | Otto's Army
A rivalry is loaded with hate, but hate doesn’t necessarily lead to a rivalry. I hate Rutgers with just about every fiber of my being, yet I am certain that while they are having their fun mocking us, they don’t view as a true rival.

A championship, you say? Bring it on | MORE TOP SPORTS - The News Tribune
As for Syracuse, well, it’s Syracuse: master sof the matchup zone in basketball, punching bags in football.

McCroskey works to put overseas career back on track -
"Before I would get depressed because basketball didn’t work out," he said. "That made me go look, these kids got it tougher than you and little things make them smile. It showed me that somebody’s got it worse than you and you can do something about your situation."

Football Friday: Incoming Freshmen | Otto's Army
Just who might see the field early? We break it all down, based on where Rivals listed the players positionally.

SNY buries the lede - On the Banks
If you look at their Yankees/Red Sox map of Connecticut, you'll see that SNY is now pushing into areas of the state that are not traditionally influenced by the New York media market. Given SNY's New York-centric content, they need a draw in those new cable systems beyond any residents who already like the Mets and other NY teams. Hence, the deal.

Alabama Is No. 1 in USA Today's Preseason Poll -
Defending national champion Alabama is No. 1 atop the USA Today preseason coaches’ poll. Pitt is No. 15 and West Virginia is tied at No. 24.

Pam Ward and the Slumbertonez have been bumped down to ESPNU, where they will work the nooner with new analyst Danny Kanell. Awkward sexual tension to follow? No, we're sorry: you must have this confused with the Mike Patrick/Craig James pairing, which does/will contain tons of simmering and forbidden passion. Bonus for people who hate Pam Ward: she's no longer on ESPN [Numericals,] and thus off the basic cable run of easily flippable consecutive channels

Former Orangeman Matt Roe shares some words of encouragement with the campers: