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Where (And How) Are We Watching Syracuse vs. Akron

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The questions about where to watch the Syracuse game from around the country are coming in fast and furious.  2 fast 2 furious, one might say.

So rather than doing some more piecemeal FanPosts, let's just get it out in the open.  Below you'll find a list of every major city and the bar within it that Syracuse fans gather to (hopefully) watch the Orange zap the Zips (sorry). 

I add the "hopefully" because there's this whole nonsense that we have to deal with. ESPN3 is not a channel, it's strictly an Internet option.  So chances are, it's going to be extremely hard to find a bar that is actually going to go to the trouble of showing it.  Especially in a non-SU friendly area.

According to my SBNation brethern, here's what you need to look for in a bar:

ESPN3 will only be available if the bar's ISP supports it. It's not something that the bar can order, it's just something they get depending on the ISP. I suggest you find out what the predominate ISP is in the city you plan to be in and work from there.

But there is a back way around it. If you setup an account and log into it while using ESPN3 on a supported ISP, you can enable "Remote Access" which will allow you to get access to ESPN3 games, even if the bar's ISP doesn't support it.

If anyone else wants to add to the discussion, feel free.  But if you show up at your favorite watering hole this Saturday and they tell you they don't get the SU game, don't be surprised. 

So what do we do?  Well if you want to watch the game on but don't have a login, fret not.  Through sources that died so that you could watch MAC football, here's the login of choice:


Sadly, we will not pass this login down through generations. It has been canceled....time to get your own.

The good news for folks in the Syracuse area is that an impending deal between Disney and Time Warner includes ESPN3, which means the game would be broadcast on Time Warner Cable locally.

Here's the favor I ask on behalf of Cuse Nation.  If there's a go-to place below (or otherwise), please give them a call and confirm if they can show the SU game or not and let us know.  That way it'll give us an idea of how likely it is.  Otherwise, we're all sitting at home screaming at our computers for three hours.

Albany, NY - Legends

Atlanta, GA - Hudson Grille (Perimeter Mall)

Baltimore, MD - Field House (Canton Neighborhood)

Boston, MA - Pour House

Boynton Beach, FL - Miller's Ale House

Brockport, NY - C & S Saloon

Buffalo, NY - Benchwarmers

Burbank, CA - Barney's Beanery

Camarillo, CA - Ric's Restaurant

Capetown, South Africa - Stones Long Street

Charlotte, NC - Dilworth Neighborhood Grille

Chicago, IL - Gamekeepers

Denver, CO - Blake Street Tavern

Hoboken, NJ - Liberty Bar & Grill

Hollywood, CA - Capitol City Sports

Indianapolis, IN - Majors Sports Cafe (Carmel)

Long Island, NY - The Main Event

Manhattan, NY (East Village) - Professor Thoms

Manhattan, NY (Upper East Side) - East End Bar and Grill

Manhattan, NY (Midtown) - The Blarney Rock

Manhattan, NY (Murray Hill) - The Hill

Miami, FL (Davie)  - Miller's Boca East Alehouse & Miller's Davie Alehouse

Newport Beach, CA - Sharkeez

Northern NJ - Miami Mike’s Sports Bar

Old Forge, NY - TOW Bar

Philadelphia, PA - Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse 

Portland, OR - Macadam's Bar & Grill

Richmond, VA - Champps (Stony Point)

Rochester, NY - Anchor Bar

San Diego, CA - Players Sports Bar

San Francisco, CA - Kezar Sports Pub

Santa Monica, CA - The Parlor or Barney's Beanery

Sante Fe, NM - The Catamount

Seattle, WA - (I'm working on it, need to find a place I know will show the game)

Seneca Falls, NY - Dewey's 3rd Ward Tavern (hang with Kenny!)

South Norwalk, CT - Archie Moore's

Venice, FL - Bogey's Sports Pub

Washington, D.C. - Sign of the Whale (official Alum spot)

Washington, D.C. - The 18th Amendment (The Keyhole)

Washington, D.C. - The Pour House (Capitol Hill)