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The Syracuse Football Depth Chart Is Here

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You can check out the official post-camp depth chart here.  Between that and Marrone's press conference today, there's lots to discuss.


Ryan Nassib is your stater, Charley Loeb held on to the No. 2 spot and Johnny The Kinder is No. 3.  No surprises there.


First and foremost, Averin Collier is back!  Well, not really!  He's still in school and he's on the team but he is academically ineligible for the season.  Since we'd already written him off, the news is better than nothing.  At least he'll be back next season.

To no one's surprise, Delone Carter is your starter.  Less an indictment of the SU running depth and more a credit to just how well DC3 took care of himself during the suspension.  Bailey will be No. 2 and should see lots of PT and Prince-Tyson Gulley is your No. 3.

Junior Adam Harris gets the nod at fullback over Tombe Kose and Robert Nieves.


Van Chew and Alec Lemon are your "starters" at the X and Z receiver slots.  Aaron Weaver and Steve Rene are in the 2nd positions while Dorian Graham and walk-on Cody Morgan are in the third spots.

Not listed at all on the depth chart?  Marcus Sales.  As in, Syracuse's No. 2 receiver in 2009 Marcus Sales.  How did Marcus fall so far, so quickly?  Is he even still on the team?  According to Marrone, yes he is.  He's just not among the top six receivers anymore.  Crazy.


In a little bit of an upset, Hofstra transfer Jose Cruz gets the starting nod over senior Nick Provo. Marrone did say that Provo will still be a force in the passing game. Freshman Beckett Wales and junior David Stevens also both show at in the 3rd and 4th spots.


We knew four of the starters going into this, Ryan Bartholomew (C), Justin Pugh (LT), Andrew Tiller (RG) and Michael Hay (RT).  The only outstanding spot was LT where sophomore Zach Chibane was battling with senior Adam Rosner.  Rosner's injuries during camp probably played a role but Chibane was able to earn the starting nod. 

Among those on the 2nd-string are freshman Macky MacPherson, Sean Hickey, Jarel Lowery and Ian Allport.  SU is so thin at offensive lineman that there are only two guys on the third spot.


No surprises here.  Marinovich, Tribbey, Lewis and Chandler Jones are your front-four.  Iron Brandon Sharpe, Cory Boatman, Anthony Perkins and Torrey Ball are your second line of defense.

Highly-touted transfer Deon Goggins sits all alone on the third-string. 


As expected, freshman Marquis Spruill will start at LB for the Orange.  He joins the fearsome duo of Derrell Smith and Doug Hogue.  Backing all of them up will be Ryan Gillum, Malcolm Cater and Brice Hawkes.


Da'Mon Merkerson and Mike Holmes are your starting corners.  They'll be backed up by Kevyn Scott and Jeremi Wilkes.  Expect Scott to work his way back towards the starting spot as he recovers from injury.

The starting safeties for now are Phillip Thomas and Max Suter.  Here's another place where injuries have affected the shakeout, as #Shamarko joins Olando Fisher on the 2nd slot.

Special Teams

Your kick-off return team will be freshman Prince-Tyson Gulley and Dorian Graham.  Max Suter is also available to step in as needed.

Your punter returner will be Mike Holmes, with Steve Rene and PTG backing him up.

Ryan Lichtenstein and his sore leg retain XP and field goal duties, though freshman Ross Krautman will take over on kick-offs.

Rob Long is your punter and kick holder, but you already knew that.

Max Leo is the long-snapper while Macky Mac will be the short-snapper.  Both are each others back-up. Because Rob Long can't do EVERYTHING.

Speaking of Long, he is one of the team captains along with Derrell Smith and Ryan Bartholomew.