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Almost Time To Break The Piggy Bank For Syracuse Football Tickets


Some folks have been wondering what's up with football tickets, so I figured it was a good time to figure that out.

Of course, if you're interested in a season ticket package, you can do that already.  So go do that.  There's also a 3-game package that might be a little more affordable.

As for individual game tickets, those go on sale August 11th at 10am EST.  Line up at the Dome, give them a call or go through Ticketmaster and spend untold millions in fees.  However you want to do it.

Speaking of August 11th, that's also when you can buy single-game tickets to the Washington game.  According to one intrepid person, the SU section tickets will be in the lower deck end zone.  Not amazing but, what did you expect?  f you're not worried about being in the SU section, you can always just get some tickets right now through Washington's ticket office.

If you still need to save up for that game, don't worry.  That game doesn't seem to be in any danger of selling out.

And if you're interested in attending Syracuse's season-opener at Akron, those single-game tickets should be available soon.