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Scoop Gets Scooped From USA Select Team


Well that's a bummer.  Scoop Jardine, who was insanely excited for the opportunity to play in the USA Select Team this summer, did not make the final cut

Feel free to blame head coach Jay Wright and hold that grudge against him this season when the Orange play Villanova.  I hope Scoop will.

Here's what Scoop said a few weeks back when he was selected to the squad.

"This is the biggest opportunity of my basketball career," Jardine said. "To be able to help the national team and to get my foot in the door with the [national team] program, it's huge.

"Then, to be able to play against some of the greatest players in the world and have coach Boeheim there to watch all week and give me advice, it can only help me get better."

:(  Though he did get some great experience working with the team the last few weeks, practicing with Team USA as recently as last week, so he doesn't come away empty-handed. 

The remaining 10-man USA select team will train against the USA World Championship team August 10th-13th.