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The Syracuse University Class Of 2014 Has Arrived (Feel Old?)

Welcome, Orangegirls and Orangeboys.  Soon you will be Orangewomen and Orangemen, but first, you must be indotrinated into our ways.  The first step...entering the Carrier Dome and learning how to properly cheer.  SU was able to cram the new class in there for a little welcoming

As an annual tradition of Syracuse Welcome, all new residential students were invited to the Carrier Dome on Thursday night (Aug. 26, 2010) to "rock the house with Orange Pride." It was a great time full of stomping, cheering, laughing, great music and prizes. Plus, the culmination—everyone getting together to form a giant "2014" symbolizing the Class of ’14.

Sadly, no inflatable jumpies.  Sorry, freshman, dems da breaks.

Obviously, there are photos.  And obviously, I'm going to draw your attention to some of them.  First up, a photo that's pretty cool except that it reminds me there are students at Syracuse who will graduate in 2014 and that news makes me feel older than dirt.


I'd like to think they did some kind of Syracuse Haka Dance, but I'm guessing that's not actually what I'm looking at:


Ladies, how are you?


You already know one of these guys...Otto.  The other one?  That's Oakie The Acorn, the new mascot of SUNY-ESF. And yes, please watch the video in that link so you can see ESF President Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr. hold up a sign that reads "Go Nuts."  As Alex O says, the two neighboring schools are "halfway to a salad."


Good work folks.  May you never take off those orange shirts.


Photos via Syracuse University