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Syracuse Football Practice Recap: Day 15

We've moved into MEDIA BLACKOUT MODE, which unfortunately means there aren't going to be many updates. At least not in the morning. So let's review what we can.

Dave Rahme's got an article up about Da'Mon Merkerson who has moved from DB to WR to DB to WR to DB during his time at SU.  It's taught him to always be prepared for the unknown.

"What I’ve learned from my time here at Syracuse is it’s just best to be prepared," Merkerson said after a recent practice. "Go out there and have fun. I never really know. I’m just ready to play, ready to contribute however Coach Marrone and the team needs me to."

"I’m pleased with Merk," Anselmo said. "I’m pleased that he’s starting to finish the play. The way Merk has to win is he needs to win early in the down by getting his hands on somebody to disrupt the route and then he has good enough speed that he needs to get over the top and make the play at the end."

SU Football: Primary Performer Emerges in the Secondary

I dare you to watch the video of D-line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh over on right now and not come away liking him.  I dare you.

Keon Lyn's Twitterfeed, which has been one of the better sources for Keon Lyn news this season, seemed optimistic as recently as Tuesday that he would be on the field by Thursday. If  this morning's tweets are to be deciphered, that might not be the case.