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Help Gregg Choose A Syracuse-Themed Personalized License Plate

Some thought-starters for you...
Some thought-starters for you...

Gregg needs help.  Naturally, Gregg came to me.  I will now provide the conduit from which help will spring forth.  That's where you come in.

Gregg is trying to choose the right Syracuse-themed personalized license plate.  It's a tough racket as many of the obvious choices are not available.  Plus, as best I can tell there's certain phrases and words that the system just doesn't like.  Do you mention 44?  Otto?  SU or Cuse?  BB or FB or Lax specific?  These are the tough decisions of our lives.

And so, Gregg has asked me to put it to you, the Syracuse faithful.  Help Gregg choose the personalized plate that will get his car pelted with snowballs the next time he drives through Connecticut. Three lucky folks who provide an option will win a very cool t-shirt courtesy of Sportsapolooza: The Bowl Game or Bust Shirt.

Here's how to help and enter the contest:

1. Go to the New York State DMV Personalized Plate Look-Up Page

2. Tinker with your entries.  It's for a Passenger car so you've for eight character spaces to play with.

3. Once you've found the entry you like, right-click on the license plate image and hit View Image.

4a. Go to the comments section below, create a comment and click on that pretty picture of a tree.  Insert the URL where the license plate image is into the box that pops up.

4b. If you have problems posting this way, save the image to your desktop and then upload through Flickr or a site like that.  Then grab the code and insert.

4c. If you're really having issues, you can just enter up to 8 characters as an entry.  Though make sure you check with the DMV page to see if its available.

5. Add any witty comments you might want into the comment.  Click Post.  Voila, you're entered!

6. After a week, Gregg will select his three favorite choices and we'll put them to a vote for the best one.  The three chosen will win the t-shirt and then it's up to you to vote which one you like best. 

7. From there it's up to Gregg to either follow the will of the people...or completely disregard it and go with what he wants.

Good luck and Godspeed.