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The 2010 Syracuse Fan Memorabilia-Off: Best "Oh My God How Did You Get That" Memorabilia

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The Memorabilia-Off rolls on, let's do this:

One of the best parts of seeing all these memorabilia entries is seeing the pieces that make you say "Oh my God, how in the world did you get that?" The kind that requires a massive fandom and a whole lot of luck to acquire. And so, let's find out which piece of the finest "Oh my God, how in the world did you get that?" SU Memorabilia submitted?

Nominee #1 - SU Men's Basketball Bench Chair, Complete With Gum

It's a special piece because you can just imagine what gum-smackers sat on the SU bench, rolling up their chewed wads of gum and sticking them to the bottom of the chair. At least three of those are Scoop. That have to be. Though the blue one feels like Hopkins...I imagine him to be a big Hubba-Bubba chewer.

Nominee #2 - Hakim Warrick's Timecard

Here's KyleMc's explanation:

I worked at the SU bookstore during my 4 years at SU and when I was a freshmen Hakim Warrick did an internship in the clothing part of the store in the spring semester. After the season ended the way we all didn't want it to, his internship ended not too long after and I noticed a few weeks after that his time card was still in the slots above the clock, I didn't think I'd be a very good SU fan if I didn't take it. He's not gonna need to use one of these ever again anyway.

Nominee #3 - Shard of Arinze Onuaku's Shattered Midnight Madness Backboard

A lot of quick-thinking went into acquiring this piece of nostalgia. Being right there next to the court when it happened didn't hurt either.

Nominee #4 - Piece of Endzone Turf From Archbold Stadium

Not only is is from Zrchbold, but it's from the final game played there. Gem Mint Ten!

Nominee #5 - 1996 NCAA Final Four Banner

I don't know how you sneak a six-foot tall banner out of the Final Four, but Brady did it. And is a better person for it.