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What Was/Is Your Favorite Syracuse Bar?

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We saw that Complex Magazine released its arbitrary list of the Top 50 College Bars in America, placing Chuck's at No. 32 and Faegan's at No. 28. Every SU student, present and past, has an opinion on which place they prefer. Furthermore, the discussion spills over into whether or not either of these bars are better than their forefathers or fallen brothers and sisters.

And so, I put it to you...what was/is your favorite bar in the Marshall Street area?

You know where I stand. Darwin's Forever! And go F yourself, Maggie's. "Restaurant & Sports Bar," my ass. Chuck's was closed from my sophomore year through graduation so I missed out, apparently. And "back in my day," we went to the Sheraton Regatta at 5pm on Friday, drank cheap pitchers, threw darts, played card games, left by 8pm to head over to better bars and we liked it!