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Daily Links - Know Your Hoodoo

#NoHOODOO Tutorial " Hoya Suxa
Back before reviling Georgetown University was cool, combating "The HOODOO" was the hip fad in the Salt City. It was aces, I tells ya. Aces! The lads and lassies would put on their finest, hop on the local locomotive, and head down to Hamilton and have a rip roarin’ hootenanny. Some dames would even show their ankles after a Syracuse victory! It was a gay time for all!

Three Idiots on Sports: The Official Big East Heckling Guide T-Shirt
For sale exclusively at the Three Idiots Store, we present you with the official Big East Heckling Guide T-Shirt.

'GameDay' slate means even more longing - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Syracuse basketball doesn't make the GameDay cut in 2011 so far.

College football recruiting: Unofficial visits now more important than official vists - ESPN
You have to pay more attention to the details," said Greg Adkins said, Syracuse's offensive line coach and recruiting coordinator who also has coached at Tennessee and Georgia. "You have to know everything, all the information on kid ahead of time. What will intrigue the kids? It's the old adage the first impression is the lasting impression. We believe if you get a kid on an unofficial visit you want to do it right. You have to hit a home run or you may not see them again."

2010 Big East Football Predictions and Preview from From
Using our college football simulation engine, simulated thousands of college football games to create this Big East Preview. They predict Syracuse will finish 7-5 and beat Washington & BC.

FizzCast: Edsall on Syracuse Rumors : Orange Fizz – Syracuse Recruiting, Sports Rumors, Podcasts, Student Life
For Syracuse fans, Edsall’s dismissal of the overtures and emotional detachment from his alma mater is stupefying. He carries himself with an arrogance and even a pinch of disdain for SU. He makes an easy target and an obvious villain. But I always wondered what his mindset was when dismissing the Syracuse rumors.I asked him at Big East Media Day how he balanced respect for potential employers with his current one.

Saturday, September 11, 2010 Programming at Time Warner Cable Sports Central NY
Time Warner will be broadcasting the Washington game in Central NY. Rejoice, locals.

Expansion Speculation: Big East Takes the Offensive | Bleacher Report
Why not expand to 20 and 12 teams in their respective sports, and effectively destroy the Big 12 (the one with 10 teams), and getting first choice of the optional teams?

Syracuse University Athletics - Orange Field Hockey Tabbed Eighth In National Poll
The Syracuse Orange field hockey squad received 712 points and a No. 8 ranking in the 2010 Kookaburra / NFHCA Division I Preseason Poll released today.

Georgia jumps to the top of the standings alongside Minnesota.

Cuse My Campus wonders "How the hell do you run a website in Syracuse without using the word, "the?"