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Syracuse Football Practice Recap: Day 14

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Just so you know, Scott Shafer is scared to death of Akron:

"My personality is such that I am never as confident as I want to be. I’m always so scared to death of the first game. Like a little kid, find the next guy and we will figure it out as we go."


Tyrone Wheatley is a big Antwon Bailey fan, if you couldn't tell:

"He’s huge," Wheatley said. "He’s really huge. You have a guy that can stay in all three downs and can do a large variety of things. You can put him in the backfield, in the slot, line him out wide. He’s a threat. That’s exactly what he is. Anytime you have a threat, that’s great to have. He’s a valuable asset to us."


Our old offensive coordinator used to have a thing for people with a little extra baggage in the trunk (if you know what I mean).  While he's gone, part of his mantra lives on for the offensive line.  Syracuse's starting guard Andrew Tiller knows...he used to tip the scales at 403 pounds.  Now, he's done to a much more maneagable 335 and its paying dividends.

"I feel 10 times better," Tiller said. "This year I’m pretty sure I’ll have no problems going full speed every single play, hitting and running. I’m in way better shape, way better condition . . . all that."

"We’re expecting some big things from him," Adkins said. "His movement skills are quite obviously much better because of the weight loss, and his endurance is better and his strength levels are better, so consequently there is a confidence in him that has increased, too."

SU Football: O-Line Bigger, Faster, Stronger (and Slimmer)


Ollie Haney is the seventh Orange to miss the season with an injury.  An MRI revealed a torn pec muscle, which will require surgery.  Haney played in four games last year but had been switched from DL to guard.


Derrell Smith is one of 30 players being considered for the Lowe’s Senior Class Award, given to a FBS senior that excels on and off the field. Nice consideration given all of Derrell's academic and charity work.


Keon Lyn tweets that he'll be back on he field Thursday, though no official word as he recovers from mono and also awaits word from the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Phillip Thomas is six teeth lighter following surgery on Monday.  He expects to be back in pads on Wednesday.

Special Teams

What's the deal with Ryan Lichtenstein's leg?  He took only one kick yesterday, a 30-yard miss.  The Kraut took the rest.  I'm all for resting legs but something seems strange.  He can't be THAT tired...