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What Is Your Favorite Syracuse Logo?

Saw some discussion on the site the other day related to old SU logos. Got me thinking...the Block S is a very nice logo but it's one of many that Syracuse has had over the years. And so I put it to you, if you could choose one logo from all of the logos we've used...which one would it be?


Old Domey lets folks know that, yes, we play in the Carrier Dome, though, no, it's not orange, so...oops.


FutureBall is the most forward-thinking of all the SU logos. The S is also blue, which, well, just isn't my taste.


Crazy Bill Orange: What's more cringe-worthy...that this was once our logo or that this was our logo as recently as the 70's?


The Block S: Sturdy, strong and very orange. The kind of SU logo you can set your watch to.


Banner SU feels so quaint, so idealistic and so from another era. Cute.


Big Dome: The Dome is orange and SU is in blue. Up is down, black is white, cats and dogs are living together.


Artsy SU: About as abstract as you're gonna get with a University logo. The date adds a certain gravitas to the proceedings. And just in case you weren't sure what was going on in the middle there, they spell it out as well.


Skinny SU is simple yet tells a story. The story is that we're SU. Or maybe we're SJ. Guess it depends how hard you look.

So, which one's your favorite?