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The 2010 Syracuse Fan Memorabilia-Off: Best Old Timey Piece of Memorabilia

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The Memorabilia-Off rolls on, let's do this:

Today we take a look at the collections to determine which piece of memorabilia stands out for its age, as well as its awesomeness. What's the cut-off for something to be considered old-timey? To paraphrase Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, I might not know exactly how to define it but "I know it when I see it."

To the nominees...

Nominee #1 - "The Songs of Syracuse" Song Book

Our old friend is back. The 1926 songbook intended for female students of SU qualifies in every way imaginable, not least of which is the included song, "Powder My Nose."

Nominee #2 - The 1959 Headline Montage

Also a return nominee, the headlines are certainly old-timey. We know that because Syracuse wins in all of them.

Nominee #3 - The SU Freshman Beanie

While not technically "old-timey" itself, the beanie is still old-ish (1972) and represents a very old-timey tradition on the Hill, that of antagonizing and beating up freshman.