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Daily Links - All Antwon Bailey Does Is Everything

Syracuse's Antwon Bailey a jack of all trades - Big East Blog - ESPN
Bailey attends more meetings than a CEO. That's because he plays running back, receiver and quarterback in the Wildcat formation while also returning kicks for the Orange. So he's in the room whenever all of those positions gather to watch film and go over pointers. Lately, Bailey has even begun attending some offensive line meetings just to get a feel for what those guys are doing, too.

Top Broadcasters In New York Sports History - SB Nation New York
Tons of Syracuse folks make the list, as you would imagine.

It’s Official, Spring Game Declared Meaningless | Otto's Army
How much stock can you put into spring practice and the spring game when the two biggest stars that day are both staring at diminished - if not non-existent roles – with the offense this season?

Ailing Canadians hope to find some health before world opener
Among the injured: Rautins, who tweaked his surgically repaired left knee in a game Aug. 13 against France in Toronto and hasn't played since..."Andy's walking, he's shooting, but there are certain things he's limited to," Leo Rautins said. "We don't want to risk anything. He's dying to play, he's trying. He' better but not at the point where we could say there's no risk."

University of South Flordia? If you got the sweat shirt. - St. Petersburg Times
Some students caught the flub sold in the University of South Florida St. Petersburg Barnes & Noble this week — a soft black hoodie with an inventive new translation of the state's name.

The worlds most interesting quarterback - UW Dawg Pound
Jake Locker has received more attention in the media this off season than perhaps any other player who has ever worn the purple and gold. You could say that he is the "Worlds Most Interesting Quarterback.

Big East Football 2010: Eight Bold Predictions | Sports Haze
Syracuse Will Beat Out USF for Sixth Place: Syracuse has Delonte Carter back, so their running game looks good. Ryan Nassib has experience and showed upside in his limited action in ’09. Also, I think Doug Marrone is a better coach than newly hired Skip Holtz and can do more with what he has.

Brothers in Orange - On Campus -
"A lot of people, he either kicked off the team, or a lot of people just left because of different issues," Davis said. "I didn’t get kicked off the team or anything. I just felt like it wasn’t the right fit for me. For me trying to reach my goals, to get to the NFL, I felt like I had to be in a better position to get the ball more. When I got released from Syracuse, (Legree) was the first person I called, and then from there, in maybe three days, I made my decision to come (to Hampton). It was basically all what he was telling me, and then when I came on my visit, I said, 'I think this is the place for me.' "

Thinking of attending Syracuse's College of Arts & Sciences?  Let these fine folks bore you to death tell you about it: