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Syracuse Football Practice Recap: Day 13

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Tony Olivero at the D.O. points out that HCDM's short-term goal is slightly different than his long-term one of returning to a bowl game.

"The goal is to get the players to the Akron game."

Given the lack of roster depth, injuries and penchant for SU football players to up and leave the program...can you blame him?

Seriously though, the defections, injuries and missing players seem to have finally caught up with the 2nd-year man.  So many lost opportunities on a team that is dying to provide them:

"We need everyone. It’s a shame, when you look at the players that are out for the year," he said, listing fullback Carl Cutler, tight end Cody Catalina, receiver Jarrod West, defensive end Jared Kimmel, running back Averin Collier and cornerback Ri’Shard Anderson.

"Every one of those players, they were going to play a role," he said, "and some of them were going to be starters. We really can’t have any more injuries, or have anyone else lose practice time."


As expected, Doug Marrone has "shut down" freshman QB Jonny Miller so far this season, almost certainly leading to a redshirt.

Marrone said they have "shut down" freshman quarterback Jonny Miller. Don’t expect the highly touted frosh from Denver to play this year

Turns out that's just fine because Johnny The Kinder seems to be playing well enough for both of them.  He's playing so well that he's putting up a serious challenge to Charley Loeb for the No. 2 spot on the depth chart.

"It’s highly competitive," Marrone said today. "John Kinder did some nice things at quarterback in the scrimmage (Saturday). Charley’s done well with the deep vertical throws."


The Akron game will be a homecoming for not one but two SU RBsPrince-Tyson Gulley grew up minutes from the University of Akron and Delone Carter grew up in nearby Copley.

"Returning home for the first game is really a blessing for me because not many people get to do that in their college career," Carter said. "I just value the opportunity to go home and perform for my loved ones and I haven’t been able to do that since high school. I have a lot of love back home being that I was 'Mr. Ohio' in Akron. It will be fun to see those fans again when I return."


Alec Lemon and Van Chew sat out practice on Monday to let some bagging injuries heal.


Marrone is high on transfer Jose Cruz and expects freshman Beckett Wales to play this season. And on a day when HCDM seemed distraught over all the injuries and missing players, TE seemed like the one position he could take comfort in:

"I feel very comfortable with that position right now, as far as the depth, from a standpoint of players we have there," he said.


Freshman Jason Bromley is sitting out, awaiting news from the NCAA Clearinghouse as to whether or not he's eligible.

If the SU D-line has any issues during the season, it's nice to know coach Jimmy Brumbaugh can slap on a helmet and jump into the game in their place:

While demonstrating a drill for a group of defensive backs, Brumbaugh took a run at the tackling dummy himself and launched into a big hit, wrapping up the dummy and flying back onto a large foam pad behind it.


Malcolm Cater is also taking a seat, waiting for the NCAA Clearinghouse to clear him.


FINALLY! #SHAMARKO and Kevyn Scott are back!

"I was really excited to hit," Thomas said following Monday’s practice. "That’s my mentality, to go hit. I just came out with the mentality to go hard."

How badly did #SHAMARKO want back on the field?  He got a little dust in his eyes during the first scrimmage as he watched his teammates play.

"I cried because this is my game, this is my team and I felt I was letting my team down and my game down," he said. "There was nothing I could do about it, but that's my mentality."

Who doesn't love #SHAMARKO? Or his ripped abs?

Some confusion on the Keon Lyn situation.  He does have mono as previously reported, but he's also got NCAA Clearinghouse issues.  That said, it's not like he can just bounce right back on the field anyway after something like mono:

The freshman was diagnosed last week, and I'm hearing his recovery is going very well and he will likely return ahead of schedule. However, that schedule initially presumed the worst - six weeks out. Even if Lyn bounces back more quickly, it will likely be another few weeks before he is on the field, let alone close to being in playing shape.

Keon did tweet that he got very good news from the doctor on Sunday, so we shall see.

Phillip Thomas is out with wisdom teeth, as they like to say.

Special Teams

Ryan Lichtenstein is still taking it easy to nurse his delicate leg.