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The 2010 Syracuse Fan Memorabilia-Off: Best Piece Of Worthless Memorabilia

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The Memorabilia-Off rolls on, let's do this:

  • Best Scrapbook Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best Suspect Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best Piece of Worthless Memorabilia
  • Best Old Timey Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best "Oh My God How in the World Did you Get That" Memorabilia
  • Best "You Will Never Find This Memorabilia Anywhere Else"
  • Best Autographed Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best Personally-Signed Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best Piece of Memorabilia from the Whored-Out 2003 Basketball Team
  • Best "I Have Spent So Much Money On This" Memorabilia
  • Best Damn Piece of Memorabilia

Today we determine which piece of memorabilia is the best at being worth absolutely nothing. Sure, there's some kind of intrinsic value but...seriously, what are you possibly going to do with it (though I suppose most memorabilia falls in that category...)?

Nominee #1 - The Faded Syracuse Football 1,000th Game Cup

I dare you to take a drink out of that cup. I dare you to put your lips to it. I dare you.

Nominee #2 - The framed Carrier Dome record-breaking attendance photo

Since that record has now fallen, it's time to replace the image with one from the Villanova game. But keep the frame and the glass...that stuff's expensive.