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The 2010 Syracuse Fan Memorabilia-Off: Best Suspect Item

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The Memorabilia-Off rolls on, let's do this:

  • Best Scrapbook Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best Suspect Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best Piece of Worthless Memorabilia
  • Best Old Timey Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best "Oh My God How in the World Did you Get That" Memorabilia
  • Best "You Will Never Find This Memorabilia Anywhere Else"
  • Best Autographed Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best Personally-Signed Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best Piece of Memorabilia from the Whored-Out 2003 Basketball Team
  • Best "I Have Spent So Much Money On This" Memorabilia
  • Best Damn Piece of Memorabilia

Today's nominees are for the Best Suspect Piece of Memorabilia. Now, we're not trying to say the entry is a forgery. We're just saying something it. Maybe it was made in a sweatshop in Thailand, maybe it was made by some guy in a Philadelphia back-alley. And hell, that's probably what makes it so good to begin with.

Nominee #1 - The 1996 SU National Champions Plaque

Hmmm...can't put my finger on why something seems off about this one. Just doesn't feel right...OH, WAIT, I GOT IT...IT'S NOT CORRECT AT ALL!

Nominee #2 - Bootleg Boeheim Jersey

An eBay special, it's more likely that I made this jersey than the chances of Nike doing it. Still, the hand-crafted work has to be appreciated.