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What's The Deal, Delone?

Today was Delone Carter's big day in court...until it wasn't.  At noon EST, we heard from Nolan that Carter's lawyers delayed the appearance.

Delone Carter's court appearance scheduled for today has been delayed at his lawyer's request. A new date has not yet been set.

So what the heck happened?  We need answers and the only place to find them is...sports radio!

The Score 1260's Danny Parkins spoke with Orange44's legal eagle Brian Harrison to try and figure out why a misdemeanor charge is being dragged out so long (Podcast), especially when it's DC3's own lawyers doing the dragging.  The truth is, it could be a lot of things.

"It could be as simple as, one of his witnesses didn't show up to court...or it could be something tougher, as in he's actually still looking for a witness or looking for someone who was around that night."

Brian also mentions it could be that the D.A. is coming around on some kind of deal to get this issue done.  If that's the case, it doesn't seem to be an opinion shared by the alleged victim and his lawyer. 

William Hotaling's lawyer appeared on ESPN radio's Disturbing the Peace program this afternoon.  According to the show's producer, Hotaling would like to see to it that Carter never returns to Syracuse

So...we're left to do exactly what we were doing before today's events.  Wait and see.  Rumors of a video of the event remain out there, and there's a ridiculous amount of questions about how evidence and admissions were obtained.  Who knows...

John over at Orange44 loves the stall tactic that Carter's team is using so I'm going to just play dumb and assume this is a good thing as well.