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Mike Williams Making Good In Tampa

It's coming, so be prepared.

Mike Williams is going to play good football this season in Tampa Bay.  At some point he's going to get the attention of the pre-game shows and they're going to send an attractive woman to interview him for a puff piece.  In that puff piece he will be asked about his time at Syracuse and what happened.  He will nonchalantly talk about misunderstandings and the reporter will spin it to make it sound like it was SU's fault Mike left school early.  And with that smile, who wouldn't believe him? Mike will talk about proving detractors wrong and all such things.  And that will be that.

Just giving you a head's up, because Mike Williams is apparently already the No. 1 guy in Tampa.

"He's been out there a lot of the time. You also see Sammie Stroughter at the X position," coach Raheem Morris said. "Mike Williams had a dynamic offseason. He's come in, he's done everything we've asked. He's been one of the guys who has caught the ball, he's stood out and he's been standing out since he's been here.

"He's a big, tall, fast guy who can go out there and make plays, and right now he's running with the ones. So he'll have an opportunity to go out there and prove himself in the preseason. Depth charts don't come out until we play Cleveland (the first regular-season game). But right now, he's running with the ones (first team), and he's having a ball and his teammates are having a ball with him."

Good for Mike. Seriously. I wish him well. We always knew he was this good. I just don't want to hear any more crying about his time at SU, you know?