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Ri'Shard Anderson Done For Year, Syracuse's Secondary Gets Thinner

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At the beginning of camp, the Syracuse secondary seemed so strong that junior Dorian Graham was moved to WR in order to make some room.

Then #SHAMARKO got hurt.

Then Kevyn Scott got hurt.

Then Keon Lyn got mono.

And now Ri'Shard Anderson is done for the year with a shoulder injury.  And all of a sudden, the defensive backfield doesn't look so deep.

An MRI taken on August 19 revealed an injury to the shoulder joint that will require surgery. As a result of the surgery and rehabilitation process, Anderson will not return for the 2010 season. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Irving Raphael in the near future.

Work your magic, Doc Raphael. 

Credit where credit is due to Keon Lyn for breaking the news first on Twitter.  And we inch closer and closer to HCDM banning usage during the season...

Anderson had been seeing some solid PT in practice thanks to the #SHAMARKO and Scott injuries.  Both injuries have been considered non-major but neither player is back in pads yet.  Now, we need them to get back on the field ASAP to get in gameshape.

So who's left at corner?  Mike Holmes, Phillip Thomas, Da'Mon Merkerson, Jeremi Wilkes and...that's it? Then it's walk-on's Don Anene, George Mayes and Joe Nassib.  One has to wonder if the Dorian Graham-to-WR experiment is officially over, or if he'll be pulling double-duty.  We'll hear more from HCDM today I'm sure.