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The 2010 Syracuse Fan Memorabilia-Off: Best Scrapbook Piece

The SU Shrine at Gregg M's parents' house.
The SU Shrine at Gregg M's parents' house.

Hey remember when we were gonna do a SU Memorabilia Contest and then we forgot about it? Well...we remembered!

The crackerjack team over here at TNIAAM Memorabilia-Off Voting Industries has submitted their thoughts on the many, many awesome entries and we've devised quite a few categories from which we feel we can determine the very best memorabilia you guys have to offer. Those categories are...

  • Best Scrapbook Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best Suspect Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best Piece of Worthless Memorabilia
  • Best Old Timey Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best "Oh My God How in the World Did you Get That" Memorabilia
  • Best "You Will Never Find This Memorabilia Anywhere Else"
  • Best Autographed Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best Personally-Signed Piece of Memorabilia
  • Best Piece of Memorabilia from the Whored-Out 2003 Basketball Team
  • Best "I Have Spent So Much Money On This" Memorabilia
  • Best Damn Piece of Memorabilia

We'll start with one and work out way through the entire list until we finally name our Best In Show. Without further ado, we begin today with the nominees for Best Scrap Book Piece of Memorabilia.

What we mean by Scrapbook Piece is that it's an item that just feels right at home in a scrapbook, or in a desk drawer full of random items. It's a piece of memorabilia that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Nominee #1 - The SU Song Book

A re-produced song book featuring some Syracuse's favorite sing-a-long songs from the 20's, including "The Rich Girl Uses Cold Cream" and "I've Got A Five-Pound Box Of Candy." Delightful.

Nominee #2 - SU Headlines Montage

Kelley's taken all the headlines from the 1959 season and compiled them into one framed image. I'd like to welcome the Post-Standard to reuse this one after the SU-Colgate game in September: "It Was Murder! Syracuse 71, Colgate 0."

Nominee #3 - The Save S.U. Wrestling Button

You'll show this to your child, they will ask what SU Wrestling was, you'll sigh and then the moment shall pass. Sha-la-la-la...

Nominee #4 - Syracuse "National Champions" Poster from 1987

"We didn't lose, we ran out of time." It's nice to think that...