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Syracuse Football Practice Recap: Day 9

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If Syracuse Football camp had a theme song, it would be The Heat Is On by Glenn Frye.  Because it is

"We’re giving them a lot more situations," Marrone said. "Now practice has become more situational, putting them in positions where they’re going to be getting ready to play."


Time to start getting excited about Delone Carter's potential again.  The RB saw extensive action yesterday, including in the passing attack.


Don't expect to see Jose Cruz and Beckett Wales doing much blocking for SU this year, they've been getting the run-around from Casullo about their techniques.


In case you were wondering, the first-team O-line so far seems to be LG Adam Rosner, LT Justin Pugh, C Ryan Bartholomew, RG Andrew Tiller and RT Michael Hay, though Zack Chibane continues to push Rosner for that spot.  Speaking of, Chibane stepped into the first-team drilled later in practice after Rosner suffered a "bump" of some kind.

And don't forget about Macky MacPherson, the youngen got some special attention from Coach Marrone yesterday and could move up the chart quickly if injuries escalate.

Sweet Lou Alexander is back on the West Coast.  Not a good sign.


The good news?  HCDM is noticing Deon Goggins.  The bad news?  He's using a very bad habit to describe him.

"You’re starting to see some flashes now of what we’re looking for him to do at this level."

We'd rather not, Doug.  Keep things nice and tremendous, please.


It's looking more and more like Marquis Spruill will lock down that third spot.  Marrone is excite not only about his potential but that of fellow freshman Malcolm Cater was well.

"Marquis Spruill and (freshman) Malcolm Cater have really shown some natural instincts at that position, which we get excited about," Marrone said.

The only issue for Spruill will be whether or not some people are left wondering how Omar Epps got on the SU football team.


#SHAMARKO and Kevyn Scott remain on the sidelines, though they did participate in some light workouts.  Soon...

Special Teams

Is Ross Krautman making a move to overtake incumbent Ryan Lichtenstein? The Kraut was 3-4 on the day while Lichtenstein was 2-4.  While Ryan might keep his day job, he might lose some aspects of the kicking game, like kick-offs or longer field goals:

"It’s always an option," Marrone said. "And if that’s our option, it’s a good one. …The good thing about it from our standpoint is that we do have some options. We’re not saying ‘this is our only guy and we’re limited to kicking from the 30-yard line in.’ I think both players have the ability to kick the ball from the 40 (yards) out."