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Doug Marrone Is Having A Nice Time

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You know Tremendous. You know that it's not just a word but a state of mind.  You know that once Doug Marrone feels tremendous, there's nothing he can't accomplish.

Alas, Doug isn't feeling tremendous just yet.  It's still early in camp and there's a long way to go.  Marrone can only feel what he feels and how he feels is...nice.

On the offense:

"I thought some players on the offensive line did a nice job today…They did a nice job today as well as the blocking tight ends. I thought run game-wise today, that group together offensively did a nice job so we’re excited about that."

On John Kinder:

"He has a lot to learn offensively. He’s done a nice job, but now with the installation where it is there are a lot of plays for him."

On Charley Loeb:

"He’s done some nice things."

On the freshman RBs:

"Our young backs ran hard today...They did a nice job."

On the freshman LBs:

"Defensively the young linebackers did a nice job today."

On the Defensive Ends:

"When I looked at practice today, again we’re installing, I thought the defensive ends did a nice job."

On Jarel Lowery:

"It is going to be interesting during camp to see how he comes along because he has done some nice things."

2010 Syracuse Football: Nice