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Daily Links - It's Two-A-Day Time

Two sessions today for Syracuse University football players |
The team will practice twice today and Wednesday, the only two-a-days on the schedule this preseason. Defensive backs Shamarko Thomas and Kevyn Scott continued to stay on the sidelines, both with hamstring issues. Freshman Charlie Copa, a 6-foot-6, 246 pound tight end from Austin, Texas, also was on the sidelines. He had no visible injury issue, meaning that nothing was wrapped up that we could see.

Concerned or Not Concerned: First Week of Camp Edition | Otto's Army
A year of Shamarko as a jack of all trades isn’t ideal for the player or defense. He needs to grow into his role. A defense with Jones, Derrell Smith, Doug Hogue and an emerging Shamarko Thomas is potentially dominant, but Shamarko needs to get healthy to complete the foursome.

Jones and Ball: Tweetmates 4eva : Orange Fizz – Syracuse Recruiting, Sports Rumors, Podcasts, Student Life
Recently, Ball has asked some of life’s deeper questions like "Why this girl in my class look jus like a oompa loompa? Totally #blown" and "Why these two dudes hugged up on the bus?" Torrey, I don’t know brother. I just don’t know. But when the two are together, things can really take off. They’ve tweeted pics while shopping for suits and eating Chinese food. Ball captioned the pic of Jones throwing down some General Tso’s chicken "@ChanJones99 getting big." Let’s just hope not too big. I’m wondering if food court fried rice is on the SU football dietary menu?

NBA rookie honored on 'Wesley Johnson Day' " Sports " Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas
The NBA's fourth pick of the Minnesota Timberwolves arrived in Texas at 3 a.m. before accepting a key to the city at the CISD's annual Back to School Rally, and then it was off to see family during his short trip home.

The Monday Morning Wash - UW Dawg Pound
RB Deontae Cooper will undergo knee surgery to repair his ACL which was injured on Saturday night. Cooper was having a great camp and was challenging for the back up position at TB. College Basketball - Syracuse ready for arrival of big man Melo
"I need to get used to it," Melo said. "I'm going there because it's a great college, a great program. That it's cold, it doesn't matter."

Tim Tebow, Big House show why college football blows away NFL - Austin Murphy -
Change is inevitable; it's healthy; it's good -- unless you're the Big East and Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is eyeballing you the way a boa looks at a fluffy white bunny.

Rebirth of a City - Opinionator Blog -
Syracuse’s population inflow, as well as publicly supported commercial development, is reviving the city’s urban core. Armory Square, a six-block area of railroad-era warehouses and small hotels that have been gradually renovated since the 1980s, is overflowing with restaurants, local stores and offices.

Eat Pray Love in CNY |
How do you make a post about East Pray Love palatable? You incorporate Jim Boeheim.

Syracuse Field Hockey...Sticks Up!