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Anthony Davis Is A Kentucky Wildcat, Which Is Fine

I'm pretty sure most Syracuse fans assumed Anthony Davis wasn't coming to Syracuse when it was announced he'd made a decision before even visiting SU and it's wonderful Melo Center.  So no one should be surprised that the possibly-No. 1 recruit in the 2011 class is committing to play for Kentucky.  I guess we should just be happy he didn't choose if that were possible in the first place.

Of course I would have happily accepting him into the fold had he come here but in a weird way I think it's for the best.  With all the pomp and circumstance that 's followed Davis around the last few months, he was born to play basketball for John Calipari. If nothing else, Cal knows how to corral big egos and make things work.

I feel like when I read more about a recruit's Dad than I do about the recruit himself, that's a huge red flag. And that was certainly the case here.  As for the Sun-Times accusation that Davis' father asked three schools (possibly SU?) for money in return for Davis' commitment, who knows?  The family threatened to sue...but they didn't.  Why not?  That story ruined the credibility of the young man, who will now carry that stigma for the rest of his college career.  It seems worth taking legal action over...assuming it's untrue.

Anyway, good luck to Davis.  May his one season in Kentucky be a blessed one.  Syracuse will be doing just fine without him, thank you.

Note: Steve G writes in to tell me the Davis family still apparently plans on suing the paper over the accusation "within the next week."  We shall see.  Steve also adds that it seems like I am "just another jealous fan of the greatest college basketball program," which I would agree with if Kentucky had won a national title at some point in the last ten years, like Syracuse has.