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Syracuse Football Practice: Day 4 Recap

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The final day before full-on hitting in pads begins today is done, let's see where everyone's at.


Ryan Nassib has "some swagger" according to Dave Rahme.  This is a good thing.


FB Adam Harris' trip to Syracuse has been a strange one. The walk-on transferred from Cornell, where he played linebacker.

A star running back and linebacker at Towanda High in Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier, he drew limited attention from Division I-A recruiters and decided Cornell and an Ivy League education was his best fit. In the back of his mind, though, he believed he could play I-A ball.

"It’s always been my dream to play D-I football," Harris said, "and ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be here at Syracuse."

Thank Dan Conley for talking some sense into Adam.  He was expected to make an impact on special teams but thanks to a couple other player injuries, Marrone converted him to fullback in an attempt to get him on the field sooner.


Another day, another wide receiver hits the sidelines.  Freshman Adrian Flemming watched practice from the sidelines with a sore knee. Doesn't seem too serious though Marrone was unsure how long Flemming will be out of practice.

With all the WR injuries and the return of Delone Carter at RB, it looks like Steven Rene's services will be better spent back at the receiver position

Meanwhile, Rahme thinks that Aaron Weaver "has a real chance to be an impact player this season."


We could be seeing Beckett Wales sooner than later, according to Rahme.


The defensive ends were Marrone's favorites on the day.

"When I looked at practice today, again we’re installing, I thought the defensive ends did a nice job," Marrone said. "(Mikhail) Marinovich and Chandler Jones are playing well right now. Behind them Torrey Ball has been playing better than what he had in the Spring and Brandon Sharpe, who has a little bandage on his hand, that is just a slight little cut we want to make sure doesn’t get infected, is playing well and then Micah RobinsonMax Beaulieu are starting to come on." 

Deon Goggins is also expected to have an impact this season and he says he's not here to fill Art Jones' shoes, he's here to make his own name.


Ryan Gillum was assumed to have that final LB spot sewn up.  Not if Marquis Spruill has anything to do with it.  The freshman has been playing with the first team.  We'll see what comes of it.

Rahme says Malcom Cater has been calling the plays on the 2nd team defense.  Future captain...


The starting defensive backfield is really taking shape, according to D.O. writer Tony Olivero.

For now it would be safe to say that Da’Mon Merkerson and Mike Holmes will be the Orange’s starts at the two corner positions. They have been getting the majority of the reps, and it leaves one person out — Philip Thomas who looked like he could factor into the starting cornerback role opposite Da’Mon this past spring.

As a result, Philip is now residing exclusively at safety, where it looks like he will be sharing time with Max Suter once Shamarko returns. Rishard Anderson is also getting some burn at corner.

Special Teams

Mike Holmes, Dorian Graham, Steve Rene and Prince-Tyson Gulley continue to work reps on kickoff returns.  Rene's hands are praised while he and Gulley both seem to have caught Marrone's eye.  Graham didn't get any reps Thursday but Marrone still considers him part of the battle.

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